The Crusades in France and Occitania

 Roots, Impact, and Cultural Signification of the Crusading Movement

The 10th of September 2016

9.30 AM - 17.00 PM


The culmination of a series of conference events in 2016, this study day brings together an international group of researchers to present for discussion papers on the topic of the Crusades in France and Occitania—not just crusading which took place in this geographic region, but the cultural background, literary approaches, and societal participation which underpinned the movement. Papers on topics as diverse as Burgundian and Occitanian First Crusade recruitment, devotion to saints as a factor in crusade participation, Odo of Deuil’s historiographical status, and troubadour’s reactions to Louis IX’s first expedition are brought together by a shared focus on placing the matter of crusade within its ‘French’ context.



9.30-10.00  --  Arrival and Coffees/Teas


10.00-11.15 -- Regional Participation in the Crusading Movement 

Chaired by Susan Edgington (Queen Mary)

Alan Murray (Leeds) - The Crusade Army of Raymond of Saint-Gilles (1096-1105)

Hilary Rhodes (Leeds)  -  Considering Contrasts: Burgundian Participation in the First Crusade, 1095-1101


11.15-11.45 Coffees and Teas


11.45-13.15  --  Devotion, COnfession, and Pious Justification of Crusading

Chaired by Daniel Power (Swansea)

Claire Taylor (Nottingham) - Crusade and Counter-crusade in the Northern Languedoc: Social and Confessional Transformations in Quercy and Agenais

Esther Dehoux (Lille 3)  -  Pour voir le Christ face à face: dévotion à saint Michel et participation à la première croisade (Xe-XIe siècles)


13.15-14.00 -- Sandwich Lunch


14.00-15.15  --  Perceptions of the Capetian Crusades

Chaired by Lindy Grant (Reading)

Linda Paterson (Warwick)  -  What Trouvères and Troubadours Thought of Saint Louis' First Crusade  

James Naus (Oakland)  -  Crusade Chronicle as Biography? The Case of Odo of Deuil


15.15-15.45 Coffees and Teas


15.45-17.00  --  Cross-Cultural Interactions: Language, Composition, and Custom

Chaired by Marianne Ailes (Bristol)

Marjolaine Raguin (Montpellier) - Quand la chanson de croisade se compose en cycle. Expériences d’écritures françaises et occitanes

Carol Sweetenham (Independent/Warwick) - Craunching a Marmoset: Reality and Perception in Communicating across Language Barriers in the First Crusade

Matthew Bennett (ex-Sandhurst)  -  Cross-cultural Customs of War: Hostages, Captives and Prisoners-of-War in 12th Latin Christendom and the Crusades


17.00-18.00  --  Closing Remarks and Wine Reception

Lunch, teas and coffees, and wine reception provided.
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It is the intention of the organizers that proceedings of papers read, not only at the proposed London event but at the other three venues (Leeds, Kalamazoo, and Odense), are to be produced in a volume of the same name as the project: ‘The Crusades in France and Occitania’.